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Range Construction Improvements Complete: A special thank you too...

On Friday 9/9 & Saturday 9/10, "Chief Safety Officer" John Wesolowski along with club members Woody Colburn and Jonathan Ziegler (and his crew of 2), removed the rain gutters and down spouts from the pole building, landscaped the buildings run-off area, embarked on an extensive "refurbish" of the 10yd and 25yd pistol bays, and packed dirt on the impact areas of bay 1! After a total of 52.5 man hours, the job was completed and the results were amazing! We hope you will join the BOD in extending a heartfelt thank you to John, Woody, Jonathan and their crew of 2 for their efforts. 


In order to preserve their efforts, we would like to remind members of the following:

- ONLY rimfire and pistol caliber ammunition should be used on the 10 & 25 yd berms
- NO shotgun or slug rounds on the 10 & 25 yd berms
- Rifle equivalent ammunition is limited to pistol Bay 1 and the rifle range
- Make sure to hang target backers properly from the top line. When doing so, please take note of
the berm impact wear areas and try to adjust target placement to a less worn area.
-  Use of clay birds, plastic bottles, tin cans, steel targets against the berm, as well as hanging tennis
balls and similar are allowed on the 25 yd berms.

General Announcements

  • If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, you are more than welcome to mask up.
  • If you are ill, even if you think it’s just a common cold, DO NOT COME TO THE RANGE.
  • We have a substantial waiting list and a limited number of member slots; new applicants will be contacted by email in order of application date.
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at