Mission Statement

The object of this Organization shall be the encouragement of organized rifle and pistol shooting among citizens of the United States resident in our community with a view toward better knowledge on the part of such citizens of the safe handling and proper care of firearms as well as improved marksmanship. It shall be the further object and purpose to forward the development of those characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self discipline, team play and self reliance which are the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism.

Our Facilities

  • 50 yard pistol range with covered firing line
  • 200 yard rifle range with covered firing line
  • Club house with warming kitchen and toilet rooms
  • Meeting room
  • Target house and other storage buildings for stands and target frames for member use
  • Range is for members and their guests only. We are not open to the public.

Membership Requirements and Fees

  • Interested new members should complete the membership application.
  • Members must be 21 years old.
  • The Chief Instructor will contact you to arrange a time for your Safety/Shooting meeting. Be certain to include your contact information. The Safety/Shooting meeting will include a tour of the facilities and club, and the range rules will be discussed. A safety shooting demonstration will be required. The Chief Instructor will explain this when he contacts you.
  • Bring to the Safety/Shooting meeting your completed Application (both pages), Waiver, and a check or cash to cover your membership.
  • The initiation fee is $135.00. This fee is paid only when joining. If you allow your membership to lapse, this fee will again be charged. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH OR CREDIT CARD.
  • Plus Annual Membership Fee of $135.00. Dues will be discounted at the rate of $10.00/month from the start of the club year which begins October 1. The minimum pro-rated dues is $50. Make checks or money order payable to Delmarva Sportsman Association, Inc. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH OR CREDIT CARD. Membership in the NRA is encouraged but not a requirement of membership.
  • Annual renewal dues are $135.00, if no volunteer work hours have been performed. You may work a total of 10 hours a year at $10.00 per hour (a maximum of $100.00) to lower the following year’s dues. Thus, dues may be reduced to $35.00 for the following year. Each member is responsible for logging in any hours work; the Work Log is next to the Sign-In Book in the Clubhouse.
  • The Safety/Shooting meeting by the Chief Instructor and attendance at the next monthly Meeting are mandatory prior to being granted Membership.
  • Your membership card will be given to you at that Meeting and you will be introduced to the Members present. Meetings are held at 7:30 PM on the last Thursday of the month, January – October (no meetings in November or December).
  • DSA has a membership limit of 500 members. Once membership reaches 500, all prospective members will be placed on a waiting list. New members will be added in sequential order when openings become available.
  • New members will not be accepted in August, November or December.