Updated December 14, 2011
Revised March 5, 2012
Revised March 21, 2019

Any violations of the Rules will result in a review by the DSA Executive Board and may be grounds for expulsion from the club or other penalties. Your Membership is a privilege, not a right. If you abuse it, you may lose it!

Leave the range better than you found it.  Every member is responsible for range safety.  Members should not be offended when approached about range safety by another club member.

Violation Tier Key

  • [E] = Severe violation – automatic expulsion from DSA membership and property.
  • [B] = Serious violation – results in a hearing by the DSA Executive Board and may result in expulsion, suspension, assignment of points or other penalties.
  • [M] = Minor violation – results in DSA Executive Board assignment of points that may accumulate to more severe penalties.

I. General Club Rules

  1. [B] INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR: No horseplay (rough, boisterous, or rowdy behavior) or other inappropriate behavior will be tolerated on club property.
  2. [M] ENTRANCE/EXIT: Everyone entering the property must sign in. When leaving the property, sign out. If you are the last to leave, make sure that all buildings and the gate are securely locked.
  3. [B] LIABILITY WAIVER: All persons 18 years of age and older, including Guests, entering DSA property must annually read and sign the DSA’s “Waiver and Release from Liability” form. Blank copies of this form are available at the sign-in desk in the Clubhouse and signed copies are to be left there. Those under 18 years of age must be escorted by a waivered adult Member or Guest at all times.
  4. [M] MEMBERSHIP: A Regular Membership shall include that Member’s spouse and dependents under the age of 21 who shall be considered Associate Members. Associate Members must be accompanied by a Regular Member at the range and are subject to all Club rules and regulations. All club members must have their membership card on their person while at the range. The exception to this is when attending Club events (such as Cowboy matches, USPSA, etc.). At any time while on club property, members should be prepared to show ID or membership card by a BOD member or other club officer upon request.
  5. [M] GUESTS: A Guest is limited to two (2) visits annually (September – August) to use the range, excluding organized Club shoots, and must be accompanied by the sponsoring Member both on the Range and on the Firing Line. A Member is allowed to bring a maximum of two (2) shooting guests per visit and shall be responsible for the Guest’s activities. After two visits, the Guest should apply for membership if they desire to use our Range any more.
  6. [B] ACCIDENTS, INJURIES, PROPERTY DAMAGE: All accidents, injuries or property damage shall be reported to a Club Executive Board Member as soon as possible. Any malicious abuse of the facilities will result in loss of membership. (See the Members page of the DSA web site for names and contact information of the Board Members. Telephone numbers of Board members are also posted inside the clubhouse.)
  7. [M] VEHICLES: Restrict vehicle speed to a maximum of 5 mph on Club property. All vehicles must be kept on the parking areas, not on the grass.
  8. [B] NO OPEN ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed on Club property at any time. Anyone found drinking alcoholic beverages will be removed from club property and barred from the Range for one year. A second violation will result in permanent expulsion from the club.
  9. [B] FIRES: There shall be no open fires or trash burning on Club property.
  10. [M] SMOKING: The Clubhouse interior is a No Smoking area. Cigarette and cigar butts shall be policed and put in the trash not just dropped on the ground.
  11. [M] PETS: Clean up after your dog, cat or children.

II. General Firing Range Rules

  1. [E] NO FULL AUTO OR .50 CAL BMG FIRING: No full-auto or .50 caliber BMG firing is allowed on Club property at any time. This includes bump firing, Gatling Guns, burst fire or any simulations thereof.
  2. [E] NO EXPLODING OR FLAMMABLE TARGETS ALLOWED. No incendiary or tracer ammo.
  3. [E] RANGE HOURS: Monday – Saturday, 8:00 AM to Sunset; Sunday – 9:00 AM to Sunset. The lighting on the range is for set-up ONLY, not shooting. Access to this lighting is for match directors only. THERE WILL BE NO FIRING OF FIREARMS AFTER SUNSET! VIOLATION OF THIS WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EXPULSION FROM THE CLUB! THERE WILL BE NO SECOND CHANCES.
  4. [B] FIREARM HANDLING: All firearms brought to the Range must be in safe condition and fired only on their assigned ranges. All firearms must be unloaded, with actions open, until ready to fire on the firing line. (Definition of unloaded – the action is open and unloaded, no live ammunition in the firearm either in the chamber or magazine.) Firearms shall never be loaded until a shooter is on the line and the range is hot. Never place your finger near the trigger until you are ready to shoot and the range is hot. Never allow the muzzle to point at anything you are not willing to destroy. In other words, always have the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  5. [B] TARGET PLACEMENT: On all 50 yard berms, use short target frames when shooting from a bench, sitting, kneeling or prone positions. Tall frames are to be used when shooting from the standing position. (Exception to this rule for competitions under controlled conditions.) Short frames may also be used for those shooters of smaller stature (example: ladies and children) from the standing position if a taller frame creates risk of rounds going over the berm.
  6. [B]Tall frames must always be used on the Rifle Range for targets placed from 75 to 200 yards.
  7. [B] “HIP SHOOTING”: Shooting from the “HIP” is prohibited. All shots fired must come from a position where the firearm is at head/eye level.
  8. [B] CEASE FIRES: The command “Cease Firing” will be immediately obeyed by everyone on the firing line. FIREARMS WILL NOT BE TOUCHED OR HANDLED while a “Cease Fire” condition is in effect and/or when people are down range. All firearms must be cleared with action open and empty before anyone goes down range.
  9. [M] EYE & EAR PROTECTION: Ear and eye protection is mandatory for all personnel on or near the firing line, including Guests and Spectators.
  10. [M] BERMS: In order to prevent erosion, no one is allowed on the berms (backstops) or banks.
  11. [M] MATCHES: Registered or Sanctioned Matches shall be conducted in accordance with DSA Rules, as well as the Rules of the sanctioning body. The Chief Range Officer’s word will be final. The ranges on which these matches are taking place will be closed to non-participants for the duration of the match, including set-up and teardown times.
  12. [M] SPECTATORS: All children and spectators shall remain behind the firing line.
  13. [M] GLASS: No shooting at glass bottles or other glass is permitted. Plastic bottles and metal cans may be used as targets provided they are placed in the designated areas directly in front of the berms. You must remove all your trash when done shooting.
  14. [B] STEEL TARGETS: Steel targets may be used on all ranges, but they must be placed immediately in front of the berm.
  15. [M] CLEANUP: Brooms and dustpans have been hung outside for use in cleaning up the concrete areas on both the Rifle Range and the Pistol Range. Clean up the area before leaving. Pick up trash, brass, ammo boxes, etc. and put them in the proper trash containers. DO NOT THROW LIVE ROUNDS OF AMMUNITION IN THE TRASH BARRELS – TAKE THEM HOME TO DISPOSE OF THEM. Be sure to remove targets and return the benches, target frames, etc. to their proper locations. Leave the Range better than you found it.

III. Pistol Range Rules

  1. [M] Shotguns and or center-fire rifles may be fired ONLY on Bay 1 of the Pistol Range. However, .22 RF rifles may be used on all three Pistol Range Bays.
  2. [M] The position of the firing line is established by the first shooter. Use common courtesy in establishing or re-establishing the firing line as other shooters arrive.
  3. [B] Make sure that all shots are hitting the backstop/berm. Steel targets and any low target must be set directly in front of the berm to prevent ricochets from leaving the range. No round should ever leave the Range!
  4. [B] Use proper type targets and stands to ensure all rounds impact on the berm. Clay birds should be placed directly on the berm.

IV. Rifle Range Rules

  1. [M] The position of the Firing Line on the Rifle Range will be established by the 1st shooter. Use common courtesy in establishing or re-establishing the firing line as other shooters arrive.
  2. [B] All firearms must be unloaded and placed on the benches with actions open and empty while setting up, removing or checking targets. (Refer to “CEASE FIRES” in the General Range Rules above.)
  3. [B] All steel targets must be placed directly in front of the 200 yard berm (backstop). However, Cowboy steel targets shot with center fire rifles firing pistol caliber lead bullets only may be placed directly in front of the 50 yard berm on the left side of the range.
  4. [B] Other than with steel targets noted above, you must use the target stands and frames provided by the Club. You may not bring your own target stands or frames to the Rifle Range unless they are exactly the same as those that are provided by the Club. Targets are to be positioned in front of the 50 yard berm or at the 75 yard point or farther. This is to avoid ricochets and to help ensure that all rounds impact the 200 yard berm [M] Sighting-in must first be done at the 50 yard berm located on the left side of the Rifle Range or Bay 1 of the Pistol Range before shooting at greater distance.
  5. [B] No matter what targets are being used, be sure that all shots are hitting within the berm and do not ricochet off the ground before reaching the berm. No round should ever leave the Range!

V. Shotgun-Specific Range Rules

Note: There is no dedicated shotgun range.

  1. [B] Shotgun shooting (slugs or shot) is allowed only on the Rifle Range and on Bay 1 of the Pistol Range. To sight-in shotguns firing slugs, use either the 50 yard berm on the left side of the Rifle Range or Bay 1 of the Pistol Range. No shot or slugs, wads, ejected cases or clay targets shall leave the boundaries of the particular range while firing.
  2. [B] With the exception of club-sanctioned events, the use of shotguns and clay target throwers shall be allowed ONLY on the Rifle Range. Use proper targets (clays) thrown from a trap placed on the Silhouette Firing Line (near the 75 yard mark). Clay targets shall be thrown straight downrange ONLY. No cross direction target shall be thrown. Targets (clays) that are unbroken should be retrieved and removed from the field.
  3. [M] If use of a shotgun with thrown clay pigeons on the Rifle Range interferes with others who need to use these ranges for their designated purpose with rifle or pistol, the shotgun user(s) must yield after the “30 minute rule”

VI. Muzzle Loading-Specific Rules

  1. [M] Rifles may be fired only on the Rifle Range or Bay 1 of the Pistol Range.
  2. [M] Keep powder containers closed/covered at all times except when loading.
  3. [M] Loading behind the firing line is permitted but capping or primer pan filling must be done only at the firing line.
  4. [M] Clear the area and ignite powder spills.
  5. [M] Point hang-fires or misfires downrange at a berm for a full minute. Includes firing a cap or flash pan to make sure firearm is clear.
  6. [B] No smoking at the firing line or the loading bench.
  7. [B] For safety sake, be sure that all shots are hitting the backstop; no round should ever leave the range!