Many of you may have vintage military firearms that you have collected, or may have been handed down from family. Our goal is to provide an outlet for you to share them with others, and to compete with them in a friendly, low stress atmosphere. We have a good time, and our regular competitors are a good group of guys, with an occasional lady or two. These matches give club members a chance to get together, as well as improve our shooting skills by shooting at bullseye and military silhouette staged multiple targets.

We are affiliated with the Civilian Marksmanship Program. If you have any interest in the M1 Garand, or M1 Carbine, there is no better place to purchase one than through CMP. The people at the CMP are a joy to deal with. Even though they advertise “AS IS,” if you receive a rifle that has issues, they always make good on them. The club can fulfill the affiliate and marksmanship requirements for hassle-free purchase. Feel free to contact me for any questions regarding the CMP, as I am the CMP contact for DSA.

We have four classes of rifles that we currently shoot. [See below for new classes just added!] They are in Military, or National Match configuration, we try to emphasize “Iron Sights” to keep the playing field level.
You may have something not mentioned, but feel free to contact us, we’ll see if we can fit you in.

  • CLASS 1: M1 Garand, our favorite, the reason we started Battle Rifles. Issue or match trim, 30.06, or .308
  • CLASS 2: Vintage Military Bolt Action Rifles. Issue or match, Examples of riles… 1903, 1903 A3, M1917, Enfield , Mauser, Mosin Nagant, K-31, Arisaka. NO SPORTERIZED HUNTING RIFLES.
  • CLASS 3: Magazine fed .30 calibers. Issue or match. Examples…M14, M1-A, FAL, HK 91, G3, AR-10, M1 Carbine, Hakim, SKS
  • CLASS 4: Magazine fed .223/5.56 calibers. Issue or match. Examples… AR-15, HK.  Subcategory for scoped rifles.
Battle Rifle is adding new classes to the mix. We are adding new classes for scoped rifles and rifles with bigger calibers. When in doubt about a rifle bring it to a match and get it checked out.
Class one: M1Garand, 30.06 and 308
Class one S: scoped M1Garand 30.06 and 308
Class two: military bolt action: Springfield 1903, enfield 1917,1914, lee enfield, mosin nagant, etc.
Class two S: scoped military bolt action: same as above but scoped.
Note: Military bolt action rifles that have been sporterized must be ok’d by the match director. Some of these rifles may fall into class six.
Class three: semi-auto rifles in 30 caliber: AR10, M1Carbine, AR’s in 7.62×39 ,30 blackout, mini-14 in 7.62×39, AK 47, SKS etc.  .300 to .310 caliber
Class three S: Scoped 30 caliber semi-auto rifles.
Class four: semi-auto rifles in 223 caliber: AR 15, mini 14, etc.
Class four S: scoped semi-auto 223 caliber rifles.
Note: .223 or 5.56 only in this class.
Note: scoped rifles are any rifles not using iron sights. red dot , eotech, magnifying glass etc.
Class five: semi-auto rifle that has a caliber that does not fall into any of the other class: 6.5 Grendel, 338 lapua, 50 beowolf,etc.
Class five S: scoped semi-auto rifles not in any other class.
Note: all rifles shooting in class 5 or class 5 S must be checked out by the match director.
Class six: What the hell is it?  If you have a rifle and want to pull it out of the safe or from under the bed and you want to give it a try.
Class six S: scoped what the hell is it?
Note: All rifles in these two classes must be checked out by the match director before the match.


Battlerifle Sept 2017

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scores-for-november-13-2016, pdf


battlerifle-for-september-11-2016  battlerifle-for-september-11-2016

Battle Rifle

For additional information, contact the match director:
John Merson