3 Stage Arcade Match, Rifle and Pistol (Results)

Setup is at 8AM and Match starts at 9:30 AM

Cost is $10.00 for the match.

This Match is open to classes : 1, 1S, 3, 3S, 4 and 4S. Shooter may only shoot one rifle. Will
need 2 mags or clips.

Pistols : 9MM, 40 SW and 45acp. Will need 3 mags.

Note: All pistols must be holstered during the Match.

3 Stages :

  • Stage 1 pistol, 10 yards , ammo count is 21 pistol rounds.
  • Stage 2 rifle, 50yards, ammo count is 8 rifle rounds.
  • Stage 3 rifle, 100 yards, ammo count is 16 rifle rounds.

Pistol Ammo count total 21 rounds.

Rifle Ammo count total 24 rounds

Note: always bring extra!

Targets : Lots of steel, couple clays and some cardboard targets.

Note: No more than 8 rounds loaded in a rifle magazine or clip. No more than 7 rounds loaded
in a pistol magazine.

Note: Rifles must have an open action indicator in the receiver/action while going to and from
the firing line.

Note: Pistols must be in a holster !