Precision Rifle Match (Results)

Setup at 8 AM and match starts at 9:30 AM

Cost is $10.00 for one rifle only

Courses of fire:

  • Stage 1 - 10 rounds at 200 yards within 5 minutes.
  • Stage 2 - 10 rounds at 200 yards within 2 minutes.

Note: both stages will be shot from the prone position.

This match is open to ALL classes.

Shooters may use sandbags or bipods, etc., to support the front of the rifle.  The butt of the rifle must be held up to the shoulder.  No bags are allowed under the butt of the rifle.

Note: No more than 5 rounds loaded in a magazine or clip.  M1 Garands will be allowed to have 8 rounds in a clip.
Note: Rifles must have an open action indicator in the receiver/action for safety while going to and from the firing line.  The club will no longer longer supply open action indicators; shooters must bring their own.