Have a gun? Almost any gun? Pistol, revolver, smallbore rifle, pump or lever-action? Then you might find metallic silhouette competition is the game for you.

How The Game is Played

In this fun and challenging sport, rifle and pistol shooters take aim at a variety of steel chicken, pig, turkey and ram silhouettes set in rows at varying distances, under timed fire. Targets are generally set in rows—“banks”—of five targets. Chickens form the closest bank, with banks of pigs, turkeys and finally rams at other distances behind.

Shooting positions for the various firearms and targets are fired standing and shooting offhand. Target distances are fired from 40 to 100 meters.

Once a match is under way, you’ll hear the “plinks” of struck targets. Targets must be shot in order from left to right, and targets must be knocked off their stands to count for score.

Our club hosts NRA sanctioned Hunters Pistol, Cowboy Lever Rifle and Smallbore rifle.

We also have unsanctioned categories for just about any .22 rimfire firearm you may have.

For additional information, contact the match director:
Nick Alexander
Phone: (302) 893-5921
Email: nick.alexander1011@yahoo.com