• Delmarva Sportsman Association (DSA) hosts a monthly Level I Steel Challenge (SCSA) match. The match consists of 5 stages. Two to five classifiers each month. Minimum round count is 125 but bring 200 rounds per gun. Steel Challenge forces you to be a more accurate shooter regardless of age or skill level. Typically, you will shoot at five non-falling steel plates of different sizes.
  • In the event of inclement weather, the shooting positions will be setup under tents.
  • Check Eastern Shore Practical Shooters (ESPS) Facebook page for details and updated weather cancellations.
  • For a more in-depth description of the sport Steel Challenge go to: http://www.scsa.org
  • Check DSA calendar of events for SCSA dates and details
  • To register for DSA matches, a (free) Practiscore account is required at Practiscore
  • Once an account is created, search for SCSA matches in Sudlersville, Maryland. (ESPS SCSA)
  • Each shooter can register two guns, but they must be in different divisions.
    • Cost is $15 for the first gun, $5 for the second gun.
  • Shooters and spectators will require eye and ear protection when on the range.
  • DSA is a cold range.
    • Guns must remain holstered or cased except when under direction on the firing line or in a safe handling area.
    • Prior to the match all guns must be cleared.
    • If you arrive with a loaded carry gun, please contact a range officer.
    • For Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC) and .22 Rimfire Rifles an empty chamber indicator or safety flag is required as well as a case for transport.
  • Match day
    • Setup 0730-0830
    • Registration 0900-0945
    • New-Shooter briefing at 0930-0945.
    • Safety Briefing 0950-1000
    • Match begins 1000
    • Pre-registered shooters will be admitted until 1000
    • Walk-on shooters will not be accepted after 0945
  • New-Shooter briefing at 0930-0945. Walk-ins are welcome as long as they arrive prior to the safety briefing.
    • New shooter means new to the sport of Steel Challenge.
    • It does not mean a person who has never fired a gun. Competitions are not the place to learn how to use a rifle or pistol for the first time.
    • Safety topics:
      • Safety gear, magazines, holsters, safe area, commands on the line, listen to the R.O.
    • Competition requirements:
      • 200 rounds of ammunition, 125 if shot clean.
      • Minimum 5 magazines. More is always better. If the shooter does not have 5 magazines, it is the shooters responsibility to find someone to re-load mags during the stage to finish without delaying the squad.
      • Center fire pistols MUST be holstered at all times.
      • Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC), .22 LR rifles and .22 pistols must be cased and have an open-action flag at all times.

For additional information, contact the match directors:
Chuck Stence
Mike Fisher
Email: cps0059@gmail.com or mefisher@atlanticbb.net